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Rise of the Fallen Ones

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Welcome to the official site of
Rise of the Fallen Ones

Please register to join the site.

We thank you for stopping by. Please check out our forums, videos sections, and our rules and regulations sections. If you have any questions regaurding these rules or anything within the guild site, feel free to send in game mail to Anothercl or Nanes.

Rise of The Fallen Ones, or RoTFO, has been around on Castle Lightwolf server for several years now. We were once started as "The Fallen Ones", but have branched out to be a totally new guild, with new members, new ranks, new rules, and a new attitude. Our guild mission is to raid many mobs in the game, while still having a family friendly attitude with each other. We share experiences with each other, good and bad and grow together. We would love to extend these oportunities to people that are looking for a home like this.

We have an application process - Please go to the Rules tab, read over them, register to join this guild site, then forums, copy the application, fill it out in completion, send a mail IN GAME to Anothercl and Nanes. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, please forward your comments to Anothercl and Nanes.

There are many of us that monitor this guild site. If you have any questions, please visit the forums section or send an in-game mail to Anothercl, Badmoon, or Nanes.

Thank you

Your friends at RoTFO

Shouts Missing!! What happened??

Igonnagoboom, Apr 19, 10 10:49 PM.
Allow me to Re-Introduce myself.

My name is Jenn. My toon is/was Boom.

I am Ano's daughter.

Intro's done - moving on.

I've cleared ALL shouts, and I've blocked Allied Guild shouts. Why? Because I do not feel the serious RANTS and CUSSING were necessary on our site. I understand people are upset about things going on in game. Shouts are not the place to yell and rant and cuss about it. Take it to forum - Take it to mail - Take it to other messengers outside the site. Keep it off the front page.

Any questions? Contact me. I'll be more than happy to discuss it with you.

I can be reached on skype: sharinglewood

Happy Gaming.

Jenn AKA Igonnagoboom

Submit News yourself!

senans, Jan 10, 10 2:36 PM.
Want to help us run the guild site? From now on, we will post raids, drops and winners in the news section. If you are at a raid, please click on "submit news" and mention what the raid was, and who won what. A super admin of the site will late approve the news and your name will be posted as submitting it.

Help me know who you are

Faurix, Feb 20, 09 2:02 PM.
Hello, people. ;D

I am here to ask you one simple thing. Just to do some changes on your character's info. This will help me know which characters you have without having to add them to check it on Roster, and this method isn't still enough.

Step 1: Go to [Characters & Settings] on the top of site.

Step 2: Choose one of your character. (But keep in mind you will have to do it to all of your toons who are in guild)

Step 3: Mark the [General Character Info] page and keep your eye on
[Guild Associations] under General Character Info.

Step 4: Click Manage Guild Associations, mark Rise of the Fallen Ones
and [Save]

Step 5: You may exit the page that just opened for association and on Guild Associations to mark [Show on Guild Rosters?], this way not only the webmaster will know of your toons, but also the whole guild will. And it means guild only, cause Roster Page is a page set only for members. ;D

NOTE: If this setting don't be done, I can't see who are your characters unless I put you as member to go check it on Roster (because this options is kinda naturally marked when we start a character), and I guess you can't make it show on roster if you don't be a member, what would reinforce my request to mark the guild association.

This happens for a simple reason. I am RotFO's webmaster, not Guild Portal's
webmaster. If your character isn't associated, I have no right and means to see who you are or edit you (though on the contrary I still have no right to edit someone's toon ;D ).

Helping us know who you are will speed up the application process.. Once you apply to our site, to speed it up even further, you can send a mail here to Igonnagoboom with your alt toons, how you found us, and who you are associated with so she can confer with Anothercl to quickly get you accepted. (edited and updated by Jenn aka Boom aka Notano)
 IMPORTANT NOTE - - Send all messages to Anothercl.. Igonnagoboom will not return either to the site or to the game. Best Wishes Rotfo
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